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How to book a package from the website?

  First of all, choose from the variants the suitable options for you, for example; the hotels you like, the room type you need.. .
Then click on book now, check out, and choose how you wanna pay. (Cash on delivery, credit card, installment with ValU..).
That's all!
Ps; Delivery is free for all of our services;)

Which products can I pay in installments?

  Luckily, you can install any of our products -even if it's only a travel insurance- with any of our installments methods.

Can I modify any of the ready-made packages?

  Yes, you can ask for modifying whatever you want; like changing the hotel, extending the trip, changing the airline.. .


So, how can I customize another package which is not available on the website?

  You'll find a page on our website called ''Customize Your Trip", you can leave us a message with your contacts and the details of your request like travel and return dates, destination, number of travelers, room type, and average budget, and you'll receive an email with a trip matching your needs within 48 hrs maximum.
And by the way, we customize any trip to any destination on earth... or in galaxy😎