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Covid 19 Travel Precautions

Book online

We designed all our travel packages to be booked and managed online in order to avoid any human contact unnecessary

Secure Payment

Through all our different payment options from Fawry, credit cards, cash on delivery and even online installments

Enjoy your life

Through following the safety instructions and procedures we keep our self and others safe in addition to start enjoying travel the world happiness again

Share your Experience

Through the current pandemic the world countries decided to lockdown and start travelling locally but we are still lucky enough to be located here in Egypt

The World Best Travel Destination for 2020


Free cancellation ●  Book Online  ●  10% off for vodafone customers

The First Signs of Travel’s Return?

As a part of our Commitment to our valuable customers, we will keep you updated with all the procedures and precautions taken by the Ministry of Tourism, so you can travel safe through this rough time .

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