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"Siwa Oasis" a Rare Gift From Nature

Introduction about people & culture:

. So about people of Siwa Oasis , first of all they are found as tribes from different north African Arabs (Libya , Tunis, morocco). They are also known as Amazighs, they speak Arabic and Siwan Amazighi.

About Siwa Oasis

. The moment you enter Siwa Oasis, you will feel simplicity at its finest, starting with the people, their buildings, houses and every single inch of Siwa. Siwa also is yet keeping their origin and traditions.

. Although lots of people thought it’s just a desert with no kind of tourism, the real thing is that they have what so called Medical tourism.

. Also siwa is the beauty of nature, with such magical sights, sands and even natural water fountains; also Siwa is rich with its resources.

. Here is a fact that not most people know about and it is that Siwa Oasis is listed as one of the best medical tourism destinations all over the world.

. To visit Siwa you do not have to be having health issues to go there, you will have a fine; clear breathing that takes you back to feeling young again.

What activities and what can you do during your stay there?

. In the morning you can notice “Dakrour” mountain that reflect sunlight on the surrounding sands, which turned normal sand to radioactive sands, and this spot specifically is unique for its sand baths that helps in opening pores that extracts toxins from your body and gives you absolute positive health results.

. Then we have the first natural water fountain which is hot, that you will notice from seeing some palm trees and grass around this fountain. Then you have to check the second natural water fountain which is amazingly cold.

. Then comes one of the best things to visit is the salty lake that helps treat people with skin diseases that give absolute positive results.

. The final thing in this amazing destination is the night time entertainment and how they cook their food. It starts by chilling, watching stars clearly that helps you meditate just watching them. Here comes the best part which is how they cook and what they eat? , most of their food is organic like date palms and olive oil, and how they cook if they are eating chicken, Capricorns they start by digging a hole then start throwing olive oil tree branch and burn them, then they hang the Capricorn or chicken in this hole to start the grilling and cooking process and finally they burry the food with the olive oil branch tree and leave it for 2 to 3 hours, then you taste one of the finest grills ever.

Go visit Siwa Oasis and you will never regret visiting this amazingly beautiful place

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