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★ All prices are Per Room ★

Triptanza Updates regarding the Coronavirus Travel situation

Latest update

We at triptanza are monitoring closely the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and its implications for overseas travel. Many countries are now reporting cases. Many are introducing new entry restrictions. These are changing often and quickly. Overseas travel is becoming more complex. You need to ensure you’re informed and prepared, not just about your destination, but about the countries you might need to transit through to get there, and home.

We created a special team to monitor hour by hour updates from WHO and airline companies or official channels to contact any of our clients with confirmed bookings to any effected destination and manage with them rerouting their trips to other destinations Or manage cancelation with full refund 

What we recommend

The World Health Organization is closely monitoring the situation. If you're considering travelling to or transiting through any destination with cases of COVID-19, we strongly recommend the following.

Before you travel

  • Talk to your doctor before travelling with young children, babies or an elderly person; if you're pregnant; if you have a weak immune system, or have a chronic medical condition.
  • Read the travel advice for your destination, and for the countries you need to transit through to get there, and get home. We are updating them regularly. There is a heightened risk of sustained community transmission in some countries.
  • Read our advice about infectious diseases and medical assistance overseas before you go.
  • Check with your travel agent, airline, cruise operator, accommodation provider and travel insurance provider to consider your options regarding any potential changes in services.
  • Understand the risks you’re taking and that efforts to control the spread of COVID-19 may cause further travel disruptions and restrictions.

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