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★ All prices are Per Room ★

All About Siwa Oasis واحة سيوه بالتفاصيل

Must to do @ Siwa

Swim in Salt lakes

One of the best experiences you will have in Siwa. you don’t actually need to travel to the dead sea to float on the water instead of swimming, you can just go to Siwa. Not to mention their beauty and healing effect. Because of its extreme saltiness, it has a healing power for sinuses, skin and eye infections. Besides, Siwans use salts in building and their tools and also in making lamps as they have a soul healing power by eradicating the negative energy.

Swim in Cleopatra Eye

it’s a stoned pool that is fed by cold fresh water. So you can refresh your day with a cool bath when you jump in that amazing water. Not only that but also this spring is surrounded by beautiful green palm trees giving you an amazing relaxing view to watch while having your cooling bath. There is a cafeteria over there where you can have a chillaxing drink.

Siwa House Museum

A History nerd? Then this place a must visit for you. This museum is a typical Siwan house that is built with their muddy bricks and beje color that takes decades ago in time. It holds historical silver jewelry, clothes and wedding costumes that give a full vision of their history that actually lives up till now as they stick so much to their traditions, history, and culture. Not to mention the plenty of remains of Amazigh houses scattered in the oasis that will make you go back in time also.


Siwa Grand Trip

4 Days 3 Nights

Starting from 99 EGP / Month

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